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Upward Bound is a special enrichment program. Participation in Upward Bound is a privilege extended to eligible students who wish to participate and who wish to make a commitment to their education. 

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, well-disciplined manner while attending Upward Bound. Students are representatives of both their high schools and the Upward Bound program; thus mutual respect is expected among staff and students.

When possible, Upward Bound staff will work with school personnel to ensure that program activities do not interfere with organized curricula and extracurricular activities occurring at the target schools. Unless involved in school-related activities, participants are encouraged to participate in all program activities. It is interesting to note that those students with good attendance usually perform better in school.

Additionally, students must maintain an overall “C” average in high school course work to remain in good standing in the program. For those students who fall below an overall “C” average during a particular grading period, a letter placing them on academic probation will be sent home. 

While on probation, students are expected to attend all workshops and will be given the next grading period to improve their grades before further action is taken. Program staff will closely monitor students’ progress to determine if any additional assistance is needed.

In order to provide educational benefits to a larger number of students, the program has increased its enrollment to 85 students; however, there will be some activities in which only a limited number of students can participate. Preference will be given to students with regular workshop attendance and good behavior.

When selecting students for the summer program, the following guidelines will be used:

  1. Students are eligible to attend a maximum of three (3) and a minimum of one (1) summer session(s) in the regular program.
  2. Students must have an overall “C” grade point average (GPA).
  3. Students must have regular attendance and exhibit good behavior.

Graduating seniors may apply for admission to the Summer Bridge program. The following guidelines will be used:

  1. Students must apply and be admitted to SIU.
  2. Students must plan to attend SIU in the Fall Semester.
  3. Students with the highest attendance and participation will be given preference.